Rule *1.2 Argument List.

(a) When Heard. The argument list will be heard at 10 a.m. on the third Wednesday of each month except July, August and September.

(b) Matters Heard. [Issues of law raised by petition and answers (when the pleadings are closed); preliminary objections; exceptions] Exceptions to adjudications, [to] supplemental adjudications, [to] opinions, [to] reports of Auditors or Masters appointed by other than an Auditing Judge or Hearing Judge, [to] or orders and decrees of a Judge hearing a certification of the record [or an appeal from judicial acts or proceedings of the Register]; and motions for new trial or for judgment n.o.v. in [issues tried by a] jury trials shall be heard on the argument list. [Issues of fact] Preliminary objections will not be heard on the argument list.

(c) Listing. All matters shall be placed on an argument list at the time filed, in the manner set forth in Rule *1.2(c)(1)[,] and (2) [and (3)]. Counsel for the petitioner[,] or exceptant [or party filing preliminary objections] shall forthwith send notice of the date of the argument list on which the matters has been placed to all counsel of record.

(d) Briefs.

(e) Absence of Counsel. The argument list will be called three times. On the third call, whether or not counsel be present, a case may, in the discretion of the Court, be disposed of finally or stricken from the list. A case which [hits] has been stricken from the list will not be placed on a subsequent list, except with the express permission of the Administrative Judge.

(f) Oral Argument. Oral argument shall not exceed 30 minutes per party except by special leave obtained from the Administrative Judge prior to the argument date.

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