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Administrative Judge Jacqueline F. Allen
City Hall , Room 516
Philadelphia, PA. , 19107
Phone: 215  686-2602
Fax:   215  686-7049
Court of Common Pleas, Trial Division
Administrative Judge Matthew D. Carrafiello
City Hall , Room 519
Philadelphia, PA. , 19107
Phone: 215  686-7902
Fax:   215  686-9534
Court of Common Pleas, Orphans' Division
Administrative Judge Gary S. Glazer *
800 Spring Garden Street , Room 2nd FL
Philadelphia, PA. , 19123
Phone: 215  686-1570
Fax:   215  686-1655
Municipal Court
Administrative Judge Margaret T. Murphy
1501 Arch Street , Room 1470
Philadelphia, PA. , 19102
Phone: 215  686-7326
Fax:   215  686-9158
Court of Common Pleas, Family Division

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*Persons interested in law clerkships, please note that Judges of the Municipal Court and Municipal Court - Traffic Division as well as Senior Judges do not hire law clerks.