Court Reporter and Interpreter Services

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The office of Court Reporter and Interpreter Services comprises five service centers, each of which provides myriad services to the public, legal community, and internal customers within the court system.

The five service centers are: 1) Court Reporting Services; 2) Interpreter Services; 3) Record Reproduction Center; 4) the CRS system and 5) the Digital Recording Program.

Office of Court Reporter and Interpreter Services
First Judicial District of Pennsylvania
100 South Broad Street
2nd Floor, Land Title Building
Philadelphia, PA 19110
Tel: 215 683-8000
Fax: 215 683-8005

To Order a Transcript of a Proceeding
To Order a Digital Recording
Court Reporting Services
Court Reporting System (CRS)
Digital Recording Program
Record Reproduction Center

Interpreter Services

The First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Courts, are committed to ensuring equal access to justice for all individuals regardless of their ability to communicate in the spoken English language. Language interpreters play an essential role in ensuring due process and helping court proceedings function efficiently and effectively.

Interpreters are available free of charge. Please notify us in advance in order to give us time to assign the correct interpreter for a proceeding or counter discussion.

If you or someone you know requires the use of a language interpreter, please contact the Office of Interpreter Administration, Roseann DiPrimio, Interpreter Coordinator, at 215-683-8000, or email

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