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Judicial Art and History of City Hall: Introduction

The Art in City Hall initiative aims to educate the general public on the history of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas through the lens of portraits and photographs of the Court's President and Administrative Judges which hang on the walls of the storied courtrooms in Philadelphia's historic City Hall and Family Court Building.

The online gallery currently features the President Judges and Administrative Judges of the Trial, Orphan's, and Family Court Divisions of the Court of Common Pleas since 1969, a year which ushered in a period of radical reorganization of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas with the creation of the position of President Judge and a mandate that each division of the Court of Common Pleas be presided over by an Administrative Judge.

In keeping with the theme of highlighting not only the art, but also the historical significance of those featured judges, each portrait is accompanied by a judicial biography, which provides further insight into the careers of these esteemed jurists and the unique contributions they made to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas during their tenures on the bench. As such, it is our hope that the Art in City Hall project will not only educate, but also illuminate Philadelphia's past and present President and Administrative Judges in a way which brings them closer to the general public.

Please note: The Judicial Art and History of City Hall is an ongoing project; it is not complete. More Judicial biographies and portraits will be added to the website as the information is compiled.