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MUNICIPAL COURT DIVERSION PROGRAM STATUS LISTS MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 2015 - Non-traffic summary and small amount of marijuana status lists scheduled at 2 & 4 pm in courtroom 404 CCJ have been cancelled. Defendants will be notified via first class mail when cases are rescheduled.

Family Division

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The Family Division, sometimes referred to as Family Court, is one of the three major divisions of the Court of Common Pleas. The Family Court of Philadelphia, located at 1501 Arch Street, consists of two major branches: the Juvenile Court and Domestic Relations. The Administrative Judge of the Family Division is the Honorable Margaret T. Murphy.

There are 25 Judges assigned to the Family Division.

Juvenile Branch programs include Juvenile Court Operations, Juvenile Probation, and Children and Youth Services (Adoptions).

Mario D'Adamo, Esquire, is the Deputy Court Administrator for the Juvenile Branch. His office is located on the 14th floor and the phone number is (215) 686-4100, Fax (215) 854-0193

Kathy Grasela, Chief of Court Operations, manages the entire Juvenile Operations, Prevention Services, Substance Analysis Unit, Dependant and Delinquent Operations, Adoptions Unit, Truancy Court Operations, Fiscal and other Family Court Operations. Her office is located on the 14th Floor and the phone number is (215) 686-4050.

Faustino Castro-Jimenez is the Chief of Probation, his office is located on the 10th Floor and the phone number is (215) 686-4103.

Juvenile courtrooms, juvenile probation, and other juvenile court services are located at The Family Court of Philadelphia. The general information telephone number is (215) 686-4000.

Domestic Relations deals with paternity, support, custody, visitation, and divorce. Domestic Violence cases are also assigned to the Domestic Relations Branch. The Supervising Judge is the Honorable Walter J. Olszewski

Mary Lou Baker, is the Deputy Court Administrator for the Domestic Relations Branch. Her office is located on the 14th Floor and her phone number is (215) 686-9378, Fax (215) 686-8858.

The general information telephone number for Domestic Relations is (215) 686-4000. For information on payments and other case information, the phone number is (215) 686-7466.

Petitions dealing with family court matters are filed at the Office of the Clerk of Family Court, located on the 11th floor. The Clerk's office hours are 8am-4pm, Monday thru Friday.


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