For updates on court operations during the Coronavirus pandemic, and for a complete list of Orders, please visit:
NOTICE: Effective June 28, 2021, mask wearing is optional for all employees and visitors who are fully vaccinated in all FJD facilities. Employees and visitors who are not fully vaccinated are still required to wear masks in all FJD facilities and work areas. All social distancing requirements in all public and work areas including elevators are lifted. Social distancing requirements may still be required in Courtrooms.
  • Coronavirus Information
    Coronavirus Information
    The First Judicial District of Pennsylvania continues
    to monitor developments on the spread of the
    coronavirus (COVID-19) and any potential
    impact on court operations.
    Coronavirus Information
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  • Completing your Jury Questionaire
    Jury Service
    Completing your Jury Questionaire is easy!
    With our online tool see if you qualify for jury service
    or ask for excuse/disqualification, postponements,
    and proof of service.
  • Pay your Philadelphia Traffic Citations online
    E-Pay Philadelphia Traffic Tickets
    Plead Guilty and pay your citation
    Plead Not Guilty and request a hearing
    Make Installment payments
  • Notice of Language Rights
    Notice of Language Rights
    If you are a named party in a case or a witness,
    victim, or person in loco parentis, you have
    the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.
    Notice of Language Rights


ePay Traffic Citations

Pay your Philadelphia Traffic Citation online. For Parking tickets please visit


The eFiling system allows case documents, such as pleadings, motions, and petitions, to be filed with the court using a computer and Internet connection.


With our online system see if you qualify for jury service, ask for postponements, excuse/disqualification, and proof of service.


Pay fines, costs, and restitution to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Common Pleas and Magisterial District courts.

Court Services and Information

Passport Office

Passports filings are accepted by the Office of Judicial Records.

Language Rights

If you are a named party in a case or a witness, victim, or person in loco parentis, you have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.


Please note that not all opinions issued by First Judicial District Judges are posted on this site.


Access all forms, court fees, reports, local rules, orders and regulations, and publications available to the public.

Calendars & Case Search

Providing quick access to information on cases and court calendars in the Philadelphia Court system.

Judicial Art and History

The Art in City Hall initiative aims to educate the general public on the history of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The Center

The Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center ("The Center") is a court-based resource center for seniors located at City Hall.

The Senior Judge Oral History Program

The program's goals include preserving Philadelphia judicial history and making it accessible to the community through the Internet.