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Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center

Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center

Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center
First Judicial District of Pennsylvania
Room 278 City Hall wheelchair accessible entrance
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: (215) 686-7027, (215) 686-7028, (215) 686-7029
Fax: (215) 686-7055
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, Walk-in or by Appointment 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Overview of Program

The Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center ("The Center") is a court-based resource center for seniors, located at Philadelphia City Hall, to provide services for persons age 60 and over involved in legal proceedings or in need of legal services or resources.

The Center addresses the unique needs of this growing population by offering the following:
Direct assistance that will provide support to seniors for navigation through the court system and with assistive equipment.
Referrals to agencies that will provide seniors with legal services

The Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center staff can provide legal information, but not legal advice.

Legal information includes answering questions about how the court works, and the different options available to you.

The Center Staff cannot help decide what you should do, or predict what will happen in a case.

The Center Staff may provide information to all parties in a case, but cannot act as your attorney.


Resource partners in Philadelphia

Statewide Resources

Protecting Seniors at Risk

Volunteer with the Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center

If you are a Pennsylvania Attorney in good standing and are interested in volunteering with the Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center please contact Erica Bray at 215-686-7027 or for more information.

Educational Seminars for Seniors coming soon

The educational seminars topics will include:

  • Recognizing, Preventing and Responding to Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation.
  • Assistance for Grandparents/great-grandparents: Custody, Guardianship and Protection from Abuse Orders.
  • Real Estate Matters and Fraud Prevention: Informed Decisions on Reverse Mortgages, Predatory Lending and Property Tax Assessment/Exemptions.
  • Debt Collection Issues: Credit Card Debts and Utilities of Electric, Gas and Water
  • Health & Financial Planning: Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives/Agents
  • Mental Health Commitment Hearings: Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Safeguarding Your Savings: Avoiding Financial Fraud, Scams and Exploitation.


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