For updates on court operations during the Coronavirus pandemic, and for a complete list of Orders, please visit:

All employees and visitors entering a First Judicial District facility will no longer be required to wear a mask. All unvaccinated Exempt employees and members of the public must continue to double mask. All jury trial participants will still be required to wear a mask. Click here for full notice.

Common Pleas - Civil Remote Hearing Info – FOR COUNSEL AND PARTIES

The Trial Division - Civil of the Court of Common Pleas continues to use Zoom as advanced communication technology for conducting court events.All counsel and self-represented litigants who receive a scheduling order or similar notice to appear for a court event via Zoom should consult the information contained in the links below.

Only counsel, parties, and other authorized participants shall access the remote hearing via Zoom. Members of the public shall view the remote hearing via the livestream link on the public access page.

At the time of your scheduled court event, click here to access Zoom links and other information for each Judge of the Court of Common Pleas - Civil

Note: Consult the chart regularly, as it is updated periodically.

Members of the public, the press and anyone who did not receive a notice to attend the zoom hearing shall utilize a livestream of the proceeding.

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